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Tier 1

  A comprehensive range of speakers designed for cost-effective installations where product simplicity and solid acoustic performance is required.


✅ C-CAM mid-bass drivers
✅ C-CAM gold dome Tweeters with UD Waveguide I
✅ Tri-Grip II legs
✅ Quik-Link

Tier 2

Where enhanced performance is required, Tier 2 models offer a significant step up over Tier 1 models, both in terms of acoustics and features.


✅ Boundary correction, mid/high frequency & cut/boost
✅ C-CAM RST II mid-bass drivers
✅ C-CAM gold dome Tweeters with UD Waveguide II​​
✅ RST II bass drivers
✅ Tri-Grip II legs
✅ Quik-Link
✅ Rotating mid-pod

Tier 3

Tier 3 offers discreet, premium high-fidelity sound, coupled with technological innovations that offer enhanced flexibility of speaker placement.



✅ Boundary correction, mid/high frequency & cut/boost
✅ IDC II coaxial mid/tweeter drivers
✅ RDT III bass drivers
✅ MPD II transducer
✅ Tri-Grip II legs
✅ Quik-Link
✅ Rotating mid-pod  

(Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) er et materiale oprindeligt udviklet af rumfartsindustrien til jetmotor-komponenter. Det er ideelt til højttaler membraner, da det er ekstremt stift, men stadig let nok til at have en høj samlet effektivitet. Under fremstillingen gennemgår aluminium/magnesium-legeringen en trestadiers stressaflastningsproces for at fjerne overflade deformation og molekylær svaghed. Når membranen er formet, undergår den en højtemperatur anodiseringsproces, hvor et lag ren keramisk alumina påføres dens overflader til en dybde af 50 mikron, hvilket skaber en fuldstændig stiv sandwich af legering og varmeafledende keramisk materiale.
UD Waveguide I

The curved profile of the waveguide has been optimised with the help of Finite Element Analysis in order to give benefits such as a controlled directivity pattern and increased radiation efficiency.

1. Even dispersion characteristics

The tweeter has a more controlled off-axis dispersion pattern which allows for greater listener positioning flexibility as the tonal balance won’t change significantly when moving away from the central listening ‘hotspot’

2. Improved time alignment

The depth of the waveguide means that the tweeter voice coil is located deeper within the cabinet and is more in line with the mid-bass drivers. A better sense of timing will be perceived because the wave fronts from the tweeter and drivers will reach the listener simultaneously

3. Lower crossover frequency for wider directivity

The increased radiation efficiency provided by the waveguide allows the crossover frequency to be decreased. This is particularly important for the Bronze 100 and Bronze 500 models where a 8" (200 mm) mid-bass driver is used because the directivity pattern starts to narrow at a lower frequency compared to a smaller diameter driver. The lower crossover frequency helps to widen the directivity around the crossover region by redistributing some energy to the tweeter

Tri-Grip II legs
Tri-Grip II is a new dog-leg mechanism that is considerably stronger and more reliable than the previous generation, meaning both speaker placement and extraction could not be simpler.
Our new innovative Quik-Link terminal revolutionises speed of installation. With Quik-Link you can make cable connections up the ladder at pre-installation stage. Once the installation is complete, the terminal, which is now connected with the speaker cables, magnetically snaps and locks into place on the rear of the speaker as you place the speaker into ceiling or wall. It’s that easy.
Boundary correction, mid/high frequency & cut/boost
All the Creator Series in-ceiling models perform exceptionally well in a variety of locations, including when close to secondary walls. However, as you move up through the tiers, the models feature enhanced technologies such as boundary correction and high- and mid-frequency cut/boost that allows them to be placed in trickier locations such as corners. Because sound performance shouldn’t be compromised by placement.
C-CAM RST II mid-bass drivers

Vocals have never sounded this clear.

Building on the work conducted for the Gold Series 5G range Monitor Audio has developed a new mid-range for the Silver Series 7G range. The mid-range follows the same design aims, to improve directivity through the use of a compact design and to maximise the bandwidth of the driver to allow a smooth crossover with the tweeter.

Together, all this technology can be seen as RST II that delivers smooth and low distortion mid-range.

C-CAM gold dome Tweeters with UD Waveguide II​​

Uniform Dispersion Waveguide produces even dispersion characteristics, improved time alignment so the wave fronts from both tweeter and drivers will reach the listener simultaneously, and lower crossover frequency for wider directivity.

Building on the UD Waveguide, this new development adds a compression ring above the surround and dome (Blue) increasing the tweeters sensitivity above 10 kHz. The increased sensitivity helps to flatten the frequency response whilst also reducing the distortion.

The waveguide geometry, has been optimised to work with the new compression ring. Together, this results in reduced distortion across the entire operating band when compared to both Silver 6G & Bronze 6G. Reduce distortion will mean the speaker are more comfortable to listen to and will go louder.

RST II bass drivers
Our new Rigid Surface Technology (RST) II pattern has been evolved to give a more rigid profile with a new hexagonal dimpled structure, derived from Gold Series 5G’s RDT II development. RST II is more than just a pattern on the cone. It represents a collection of technologies, a new cone geometry profile that improves the performance of the driver at higher frequencies, an improvement to C-CAM technology and a glimpse at the underlying design elements that are not usually visible.
Rotating mid-pod
Tier 2 and Tier 3 in-wall models feature a rotating mid-pod driver array. This mid-pod array can be rotated to allow the speakers to be positioned within a vertical or horizontal plain - to suit the application – at the installation stage. This highly flexible solution ensures that the phase of the transducer is correct in each orientation.
IDC II coaxial mid/tweeter drivers

The in-ceiling and in-wall LCR models employ a unique pivoting Inverted Dual Concentric midrange/tweeter module offering up to 18 degrees of play. This allows for the speakers to be discreetly positioned and the sound to be directed toward the listening zone by pivoting the IDC driver module to maximize performance. With the IDC module installed, these architectural speakers become true 3-way designs, offering superior performance and flexibility over typical 2-way or fixed angle speakers.

Within the proprietary IDC module an inverted 4" midrange driver provides superior dispersion while enabling the midrange cone and tweeter dome assembly to be set as far forward as possible, allowing a clear acoustic 'sighting' of the desired listening zone and reducing undesirable diffraction effects. It's impossible to avoid diffraction effects from conventional two-way designs, which locate the bass driver 75 mm (3") to 150 mm (6") behind the speaker grille.

RDT III bass drivers

Super light, yet super strong, the Rigid Diaphragm Technology III (RDT III) cone works like a perfect piston. The ideal technology for elevating both midrange and bass performance, the drivers produce mid frequencies with dexterity, and bass is tight and articulate.

RDT III has three improvements over its predecessor:

  • A new rear layer featuring two uniform layers of carbon fibre skin to reduce cone breakup
  • Optimised cone edge treatment to extend passband of drivers
  • Optimised rubber surround to reduce cone breakup

The result is that the Platinum 3G mid and bass drivers boast the lowest distortion of any Monitor Audio speaker in its history.

MPD II transducer
Our Micro Pleated Diaphragm II (MPD II) technology ensures Cinergy’s high-frequency transducers deliver accurate, lifelike sound without any distortion. The wider, smoother, more focused soundstage it creates is exactly what you need for totally engaging movie sound.

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